Peace on Earth, Good Will – and Good Luck – Toward Men

If you’ve been following the Platinum Holiday Lighting Blog, you probably saw the recent article about Christmas superstitions and all the things that bring you bad luck during the yuletide season. Because we don’t like to focus on the negative too much, we decided to follow up with all the various ways you can experience good luck this Christmas.

According to superstition, you will be the recipient of good luck if:

    • You are the first person to open the front door on Christmas morning (and sweep the bad spirits out of the house)
    • You are the first person to hear a rooster crow on Christmas morning
    • You hear a cricket chirp on Christmas Day
    • The wind blows on Christmas Day
    • The first visitor to the home on Christmas is a black-haired man
    • You kiss the oldest person in the home on Christmas Day
    • You wish someone a Merry Christmas before putting on your shoes and socks
    • You eat breakfast by candlelight on Christmas Day
    • You place fish scales under the plates for Christmas dinner
    • You carry that a scale from a fish eaten on Christmas Day in your pocket all year long
    • If a cherry tree branch placed in water at the start of advent flowers by Christmas
    • You sneeze on Christmas Day
    • You give coins to a beggar on Christmas Day
    • You remove the Christmas decorations from your home on the 12th night of Christmas

Finally, here are five more important Christmas rituals to perform:

    1. If you eat an apple on Christmas Eve, you’ll have good health all year long.
    1. If you leave a loaf of bread on the table after dinner on Christmas Eve, your household will never want for food all year long.
    1. If you stir the Christmas pudding three times and make a wish, it will come true.
    1. If you find a kneeling donkey and make the sign of the cross on its back, you will receive your heart’s desire.
    1. If you contact Platinum Holiday Lighting (at 615-788-0085), we will decorate your home beautifully for the holiday season and you will have less stress and more time to spend on other holiday tasks.*

*-That’s not a superstition; it’s a fact!