Have Yourself a Superstitious Christmas

If you’re reading this, chances are you survived this month’s “Friday the 13th” without suffering any catastrophic bad-luck event. The origins of this superstition aren’t known for sure, but it has undoubtedly survived til today in part because of a dozen movies (why not 13?) featuring a hockey mask-wearing serial killer.

But did you know that there are lots of superstitions related to Christmas?

Here is a partial list of actions or omissions which purportedly bring you bad luck on (or around) Christmas:
    • Avoiding a kiss under the mistletoe
    • Wearing new shoes on Christmas Day
    • Giving shoes as a gift to a loved one for Christmas (the recipient will walk out of your life)
    • Sending away Christmas carolers without giving them any money or refreshment
    • A screaming dog on Christmas Eve (it will go mad by the start of the new year)
    • Laundering a Christmas present before giving it to its recipient
    • Cutting Christmas cake before Christmas Eve
    • Eating the pie that you cut yourself
    • Failing to bathe on Christmas Day (you’ll be riddled with fevers and toothaches throughout the following year)
    • Picking up fruits or nuts from the ground on Christmas Day
    • Eating nuts on Christmas Day without honey (you’ll lose your teeth)
    • Sewing, spinning, or toting a spinning wheel from one side of your home to the other on Christmas Day
    • Stepping on a cotton thread on Christmas Day
    • Being the first person to arrive home from church on Christmas Day
    • Departing the Christmas dinner table before everyone else has finished eating
    • Leaving the dishes unwashed on Christmas Eve
    • Failing to eat plum mince pie at Christmas dinner
    • Hanging Christmas lights after walking under a ladder, letting a black cat cross in front of you, and breaking a mirror

(OK, maybe we made that last one up.)

If you want to avoid any misfortune related to decorating your home for Christmas this year, just call Platinum Holiday Lighting and let us handle the task for you. You can fill out this form or call (615) 788-0085 for a free estimate.

Or you can “test your luck” and hang the lights yourself. But really – why tempt fate?