Will Platinum Holiday Lighting Install Lights That I Already Own?

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is whether or not Platinum Holiday Lighting will hang and install Christmas lights that our customers already own.

Usually, Platinum Holiday Lighting decorates our customers’ homes with our own high-quality, commercial-grade LED lights which have been checked and tested already to make sure they are in good working order. Our technicians are well qualified to install these lights on your home; and should any of them malfunction later on, Platinum Holiday Lighting will fix the problem within 24 hours in most cases.

In contrast, our technicians may not be familiar with the type or brand of Christmas lights that you may have. We certainly won’t be able to vouch for the quality or operability of the lights, and our crews may not be trained in the proper wiring and power connection for these light sets. As a result, we strongly encourage our customers to allow us to use our own lighting products.

That said, if you did happen to purchase brand new Christmas lights from a particular company last season but were dissatisfied with the service you received, please let us know. We will inspect the lights to see if they are indeed commercial-grade and determine whether we will be able to use them in our design for your home. (Note: if Platinum Holiday Lighting does use your lights and they do malfunction, there might be an additional charge to address the problem.)

Platinum Holiday Lighting will try to accommodate the needs of our customers whenever possible. So feel free to call us today for a free in-person estimate at 615-788-0085. Whether we bring our own lights or not, our goal is to make your home as beautiful and festive as it can be this holiday season!