The Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate Christmas Lights

We at Platinum Holiday Lighting are a little biased, but we don’t really understand why some people detest Christmas lights. At least, we didn’t – until we did a little research.

Turns out, many people actually do harbor some serious resentment (or even hostility) toward holiday lights. In fact, we’ve compiled our top ten reasons why Christmas lights turn some people into Grinches every year.
    1. 1. “A heavy wind blows through, and down come the lights.”
    1. 2. “My cat thinks they are toys that must be swatted loose (or bitten).”
    1. 3. “They work great while on the ground; but once I hang them up, they go dark.”
    1. 4. “They’re so random. One day they’re all lit up, and the next day half the strand is out. Lather, rinse, repeat.”
    1. 5. “No matter how carefully I store the lights in January, I always spend at least half an hour untangling a twisted web of light strands.”
    1. 6. “No matter how carefully I move the lights, I always break at least one bulb – and spend more time digging broken glass out of the lawn.”
    1. 7. “I get up on the ladder to hang up the lights, and I realize I don’t have enough light clips.”
    1. 8. “I get up on the ladder to hang up the lights, and I realize the strand isn’t long enough to reach the side of the house.”
    1. 9. “One wrong move and I burn out a fuse. And all the spare fuses I’ve collected over the years don’t fit the strand that needs it.”
    1. 10. “When one bulb goes out, THEY ALL GO OUT!!!”

Is your blood pressure already starting to rise after reading this?

Here’s the good news: Platinum Holiday Lighting can remove this burden from your to-do list. We bring our own high-quality LED lights to your home, do all of the light hanging and decorating that needs to get done, and then return after the holidays to take down all the lights and haul them off. Oh, and if a bulb ever goes out or a strand comes loose, we’ll come out to fix the problem – usually within 24 hours.

So why not call Platinum Holiday Lighting at 615-788-0085 (or fill out this form) for a free estimate today? After all, don’t you deserve a little less holiday stress and a little more Christmas joy this year?

Image credit: Cameron Russell/Flickr