Platinum Holiday Lighting Treats Roofs With TLC

Long before Platinum Holiday Lighting was decorating homes in Middle Tennessee, its owners were providing roofing services to homeowners. So they know a thing or two about how to keep roofs as pristine as possible. And they can also appreciate why some homeowners might be nervous about hanging Christmas lights on their roof.

Sadly, some homeowners or amateur light-hangers use staple guns, screws, or nails to attach Christmas lights to roof shingles. In fairness, these methods will probably keep those lights from falling off the house during the holiday season – but they’ll leave lots of shingle holes through which rain, ice, or snow can leak onto the roof decking throughout the remainder of the year.

At Platinum Holiday Lighting, we only use commercial-grade multi-clips to secure Christmas light strands to your roof. These products do not compromise the integrity of your shingles or roof in any way. Where appropriate, we also fasten the Christmas lights to your gutters or eaves and leave the shingles alone.

In short, Platinum Holiday Lighting has plenty of experience in hanging attractive, durable holiday lights on homes without damaging their roofs at all. But if you are still apprehensive, don’t worry – we can still decorate your home beautifully without putting Christmas lights on your roof. Our expert designers can work with you to create a dazzling and festive display for your home and property.

Give Platinum Holiday Lighting a call today at 615-788-0085 or fill out this form for a free estimate. We look forward to meeting you – and treating your roof with the TLC it deserves!