You Don’t Have to Prepare for Christmas NOW, But…

Seriously? There’s almost three months left until Christmas. Should you really start getting ready for the yuletide season?

Well… not really. But it can’t hurt to do a little pre-planning, right?

We’re not talking about hard-core Christmas preparations. But if you have a little extra time on your hands now (you know, before the crazy holiday season arrives), it might be a good idea to:

    • Get out your calendar. Make a note of the important dates, such as when your kids get out of school for the holidays, and which days your employer will let you off…

    • Put in for vacation. …and perhaps which days you might wish to take off from work if you have enough vacation days. If your employer grants time-off requests on a first-come, first-served basis, why not get on their list early?

    • Start checking flights. If you’re going out of town for the holidays, go ahead and start perusing your favorite airlines or trip-booking sites. If you can, set up some alerts for when low-priced fares become available.

    • Take stock of your budget. If you were annoyed by having to wait until summer to get all your 2016 Christmas bills paid off, then perhaps it’s wise to start putting aside extra funds now for holiday gifts.

    • Re-examine traditions. This may not apply to you. But if someone in your family wants to try something new this Christmas (or nix something that went wrong last year), now’s the time to discuss it. This is also a topic to reevaluate if you went to an elderly relative’s home for Christmas last year, but the relative passed away in 2017.

    • Conduct a cursory inspection of your decorations. Nothing too time-consuming – just glance at your holiday decorations in their storage compartments to see if anything appears to be broken or completely worn out (maybe when you’re getting out the Halloween decorations!) and make a note of it. You can save the Christmas light bulb-testing ritual for later.
    • Contact Platinum Holiday Lighting. Or you can reach out to Platinum Holiday Lighting and let us take care of all your decorating needs this Christmas. We’ll send a design specialist to your home, work with you to create a design, give you an estimate, and schedule a service date. After we decorate your home, we’ll take care of any maintenance problem within 24 hours.

    Call Platinum Holiday Lighting today at 615-788-0085 or fill out this form here. It’s the easiest “sorta-planning-for-Christmas-but-not-really” task you can complete.