The Best Reason EVER For Christmas in September

Yes, Christmas is still more than three months away. That hasn’t stopped some people from putting up Christmas trees – and it certainly hasn’t kept retailers from displaying yuletide decorations. But we can all agree that one community in Kansas was right to focus on Christmas in September.

Last year, Christian Risner of Lebo, Kansas was diagnosed with Rhabdoid kidney cancer. In August, the three-year old boy was placed in hospice care after doctors said that he had less than three months to live. That meant that Christian probably wouldn’t survive to see Christmas – which is the youngster’s favorite holiday.

Image credit: GoFundMe

Though they couldn’t save Christian, the people in the 900-person town where he lives were determined to give him one final Christmas. So they swung into action, decorating the town with Christmas lights and erecting Christmas trees in the windows of homes and stores.

And on September 10, the Lebo Baptist Church hosted a huge Christmas party for Christian and his family.

About 600 people attended the potluck dinner where the toddler was the guest of honor. Christian feasted on Christmas dinner and opened presents around the Christmas tree. He even got a personal visit from Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, who took Christian for a ride on a horse-drawn carriage that was adorned with festive lights.

Image credit: The Kansas City Star

Christian’s mother Sarah told the Wichita Eagle newspaper:

“Some days are good, some aren’t,” Sarah Risner told The Eagle. “I have come to accept and believe in my faith. I don’t know why God has chosen my child. I accept he needs him more than I need him, and I don’t like it, but I am grateful I get to be his mom.”

Meanwhile, the party was able to raise almost $10,000 by holding a silent auction. All proceeds will go toward the payment of Christian’s medical expenses. If you would like to help Christian’s family, you can donate money through the “Help for Christian” page on GoFundMe.

It just goes to show you that it’s never too early to begin the Christmas season – when you have the right reason.