A Big Round of Applause For Williamson County High Schools!

It’s that time of year which makes parents curious and kids a little nervous: report card season!

For the first time this school year, Middle Tennessee parents get the chance to see how well their sons and daughters are faring in the classroom. But if statistics recently released by the state are any indication, most families will be quite happy with their kids’ performance.

Earlier this year, the Tennessee Department of Education released its high school graduation data for all of the high schools in the state. And Williamson County continues to build on its standard of excellence, with a high school graduation rate of 95.6 percent for the 2016-17 school year, which is even higher than the 95.5 percent rate from the previous period. It’s also significantly higher than the statewide graduation rate of 89.1 percent.

Here is a school-by-school breakdown of the graduation rates of all Williamson County high schools for the 2016-17 school year:

    • Brentwood High School: 96.7 percent
    • Centennial High School: 93.1 percent
    • Fairview High School: 92.5 percent
    • Franklin High School: 96.6 percent
    • Independence High School: 93 percent
    • Page High School: 96.7 percent
    • Ravenwood High School: 98.1 percent
    • Renaissance High School: 97.1 percent
    • Summit High School: 95.5 percent

    (Note: The newly-opened Nolensville High School will not have a senior graduating class until 2019.)

    Like everyone else in the county, Platinum Holiday Lighting is proud of our students and teachers, and we’re also delighted to be part of a community which is so committed to educational excellence.

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